Southern Trails.

Simply an event organiser with the goal to introduce you to the amazing trails and nature this beautiful country has to offer.
Our aim is to organise simple pleasurable events, letting you experience stunning running trails with everything a trail runner could hope for, from fast running single track to steep technical climbs that will leave you huffing and puffing and downhills to get the adrenilin pumping.

We strive to offer complete all round events where there is something for everyone, from easy, short runs for the beginner to muscle burning, long, technical routes.But always with the idea that the routes should be fun, exciting and do-able for everyone.

We always strive for zero impact to the enviroment itself, with all signs of our presence being removed. Our goal is to leave only our footprints after each event held and always appreciate our entrants having the same mindset.

Safety being a major factor in todays climate, all our events meet with JOC approval and Paramedics are always on hand at all events to ensure your day is stress free as can be.

In todays economic climate  we are always striving to keep the costs to our entrants as low as possible which we would not be able to achieve without the continued support of our sponsors and the volunteers who work tirelessly behing the scenes, so please take a moment to thank them and support their products. Visit their websites and just show our appreciation.

To the the people from Pegasus Riding club, who with very few moans, get up at ridiculous hours to give freely of their time, a big thanks. Raceday could not run as smooth as it does without their help.

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